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Acceptable behaviour

We come into contact with many people in the course of the work of the Scottish Government, and in the vast majority of cases these interactions are positive and productive for all parties. Occasionally, the behaviour or actions of individuals we have dealings with make it impossible for us to continue any constructive engagement. In this small number of cases we have to consider taking steps to protect our staff or to ensure that our ability to work effectively is not undermined.

We can categorise those cases under three broad headings:

  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour – for example swearing, threats or derogatory remarks
  • Unreasonable demands – where requests place unreasonable conditions on officials which dilutes our ability to provide a service for others
  • Unreasonable persistence – repeated requests on the same or similar issue which disrupts our ability to fulfil our functions as a Government

The Unacceptable Actions Policy helps balance the need to continue to engage effectively with all those we come into contact with and provides clear guidance where dialogue is no longer appropriate given the impact on our staff and their ability to perform their functions as an employee of the SG.