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Wednesday 25/04/2018

Scotland's Digital Health and Care Strategy - Enabling, Connecting and Empowering [Health and Community Care]

Scotland's Digital Health and Care Strategy sets out how we will work collaboratively to maximise the potential of technology to reshape and improve services, support person-centred care, and improve outcomes.

Sea trout fishery statistics - 2017 season [Marine and Fisheries]

Sea trout catch statistics for the 2017 season

Tuesday 24/04/2018

Tourism in Scotland: The Economic Contribution of the Sector [Tourism]

A report, commissioned by the Tourism Leadership Group, setting out economic data and trends on tourism across Scotland, including visitor numbers and expenditure, the business base and workforce, and the sector's contribution to Scotland's employment and GDP.

Health and Care Experience Survey 2017/18 – National Results [Health and Community Care]

The focus of this report is the national results of the 2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey. Comparisons have been made with the previous iterations of this survey where this is possible.

Health and Care Experience Survey 2017/18 – Technical Report [Health and Community Care]

This report provides information on the technical aspects of the 2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey, including development, implementation, analysis and reporting.

Planning performance statistics: third quarter, 2017-2018 [Statistics]

This report presents the latest summary statistics on planning decision-making and timescales for October to December 2017 (Quarter 3), as well as historic data going back to quarter one of 2013/14. It is based on data collected by the Scottish Government from Local and Planning Authorities as part of the Planning Performance Framework (introduced in 2012).

Veterans' Health & Wellbeing - A Distinctive Scottish Approach [Health and Community Care]

An assessment of the current provision of health and social care of veterans in Scotland and a vision and framework for the future.

Monday 23/04/2018

Letter of Rights for persons detained for offences connected with Terrorism [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Letter of Rights containing information about a person's rights when detain in relation to terrorist offences.

Friday 20/04/2018

The School Nursing Role in Integrated Community Nursing Teams [Health and Community Care]

This paper outlines the school nurse's contribution within wider health and educational wellbeing teams in schools.

Guidance on the Implementation of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol [Health and Community Care]

The Guidance on the implementation of minimum unit pricing for alcohol is primarily for sellers of alcohol and enforcement authorities in Scotland.

Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance PG(S) (16) [Environment]

Revised Local Air Quality Management policy guidance.

The Scottish Improvement Journey - A Nationwide Approach to Improvement (Compiled 2016/17) [General]

This paper shares the story of the Scottish Improvement Journey, starting with its innovative beginnings, encompassing 50 years of clinical audit and various improvement programmes, then focusing on the introduction of the world’s first national patient safety programme, and exploring the spread of quality improvement into new social policy areas such as children’s services, education, and justice.

Practising Realistic Medicine [Health and Community Care]

The Chief Medical Officer's third annual report.

Summary of Practising Realistic Medicine [Health and Community Care]

This document gives a brief summary of the Chief Medical Officer's third annual report, Practising Realistic Medicine.

Wednesday 18/04/2018

Guidance on Engaging Communities in Decisions Relating to Land [People and Society]

This document provides guidance to those taking decisions relating to land on the benefits of, and ways of going about, engaging with communities about those decisions.

Monday 16/04/2018

Technological change and the Scottish labour market [Economy]

A joint research report between Scottish Government and SUC assessing the potential impact of automation on Scottish work places

Wednesday 11/04/2018

National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation Progress Report 2017/18 [People and Society]

The National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation was initially published in 2014 and updated in March 2016. This is a progress report on actions over the last year.

Your Parenting Plan: Guidance Notes [People and Society]

Guidance notes for legal professional, educators and others who work with parents and children

Your Parenting Plan: Charter for Grandchildren [People and Society]

Support for grandparents in the situation of separated families

Your Parenting Plan [People and Society]

A guide to making practical arrangements for your children if you live apart

Showing: 141 to 160 of 17183