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International Relations - Scotland's International Framework

Scotland's International Framework

Scotland's International Framework sets the direction for Scotland’s international activity. The world is increasingly global, and Scotland must remain internationally relevant. Our people must have the skills and attitudes to seize new opportunities and participate in a global world. This is integral to building a stronger, fairer and more prosperous Scotland. The Framework was developed collaboratively and identified the need for a shared understanding of internationalisation and strategic objectives to help align and prioritise international work.

Fiona HyslopThe Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs has set out the Government's current International priorities, you can read her policy statement here. We will regularly update this policy statement as our priorities, and the environment in which we operate, evolve.



Economic Strategy

Scotland's Economic Strategy sets out an over-arching framework for a more competitive and a fairer Scotland and identifies four broad priority areas where our actions will be targeted to make a difference. A key strand of the strategy is internationalisation. It sets out our ambition to promote Scotland on the international stage to boost our trade and investment, influence and networks.

One Scotland

One Scotland

Achieving success depends on collaborative working. The govenment is committed to working in partnership with the wider public sector in Scotland, institutions, business and communities - as well as overseas partners - to fully realise our international potential and secure our international objectives.

To assist the internationalisation agenda our 2014-15 Programme for Government stated that we would:

  • establish One Scotland Partnerships which will set out clear trade and innovation goals for specific international markets and ensure greater collaboration by public and private sector partners to achieve these goals;
  • pilot Innovation and Investment Hubs at key global locations.

An update is provided in our 2015-16 Programme for Government and further detail will be published as work to deliver these committments progresses.

The current international footprint of Scottish Government and Scottish Development International is:

Overseas Offices

International Engagement Plans

It is important to embed internationalisation across all of our activity to ensure that Scotland remains internationally competitive and our people have the skills and attitudes to seize new opportunities and participate in a global world. Promoting and embedding internationalisation is integral to building a stronger, fairer and more prosperous Scotland. We are committed to being good global citizens and will continue to make distinctive contributions in addressing global challenges, sharing our knowledge, skills and technical expertise for global good. You can read more about some of our activities in specific geographies, including the work of our Scottish Government offices overseas, here.

We also want to engage effectively with Scotland's Diapora and you can read more about our approach here.

Promoting Scotland Abroad

Scotland believes in internationalism, the need to work with other nations, institutions and businesses to contribute to the success of the global community. As Scotland’s ambitions grow so does the importance of our country’s international reputation. You can read more about our international marketing activity on our Promoting Scotland page.

Culture, Europe and External Affairs Blog

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Monitoring Success

Programme for Government

One Scotland: Programme for Government 2015-16 sets out the legislation for the coming year, as well as summarising the Scottish Government's key achievements and main goals for the future - both legislative and non-legislative.

Scotland Performs

Scotland Performs measures and reports on progress of government in Scotland in creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish through increasing sustainable economic growth. You can read more about it here.

To read examples of how the Scottish Government and its partners and the wider public sector work internationally click here.